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just want to tell you about my moving XD

moving account :P

this account is now my friend’s :)

i’m moving to this account :D -> here


hi everyone! it’s been too long i haven’t open my account..

but with this post i just want to tell you, this account is no longer ONLY MINE…

i’m sharing this account with my arashist friend XD

she got tumblr acc, but seems to forget her password, so i’m giving this account to her :)

and btw, she’s riidaa ichibaner XD

so, please favor her ^_^

but i still don’t know when she will use my acc, maybe soon XD

ijou desu! :)


PLEASE don’t steal my heart. (Can anyone believe he is approaching 33 yrs old this year?

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hey!!! just a little reminder

don’t ever get upset with someone because they reply late or don’t continue a conversation or something

because they might just not know what to say!!! or they might not be good at replying or they might just be busy with something

and it isn’t very nice to get angry or upset with them if they forget to reply or something!!!

so just keep that in mind i guess!! just try to think about they are feeling

thank you and have a wonderful day/night!!!!